Check out our Envelope Challenge, a fun and unique way to raise money for the many initiatives PAPA supports.

We are able to help in so many ways thanks to YOU!

Our children are the music makers, the artists and the talented students at the Center for Creative Arts, and they are the dreamers of big dreams. The PAPA members who are Performers, Artists, Parents and Advocates for public education have a dream to turn them into reality for the students and administrators at CCA.

The Rising Star 200 Envelope Challenge campaign is raising money to support stage microphones for live performances and new curtains so performers can experience the thrill of a live curtain calls. They dream of more opportunities to participate in beautiful jazz, instrumental and musical ensembles, extended science labs, and continuing education. Join the challenge to support the CCA teachers and students as they prepare for applied learning opportunities and dreams of life after high school as a CCA Rising Star. Simply click below to select the $ envelope you’d like to donate, and make a dreamer’s dreams come true. Thank you for supporting public education.

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