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Welcome to the Envelope Challenge Demo!

This is a sample layout for the 200 Envelope Challenge

Envelope Challenges can range from 100 – 500 envelopes.
Feel free to ‘claim’ an envelope now to see how this works!

Payment Processing Options

For your Challenge, we can connect to your nonprofit’s PayPal account, Square, Stripe or other online payment processing portal – and we can include cash/checks as an option for you as well.

The payment option for this demo is by check or cash – if it were a live site you’d be prompted to mail in your pledge.


Once an envelope has been claimed, the number changes to an icon to show that it’s unavailable, and the total at the top of the page updates. (If the total donated/pledged is $0, the total is hidden.) The claimed envelope icon – in this demo a dollar bill – can be anything you choose.

This page will feature your nonprofit’s colors and logo, along with sponsor logos. There are numerous opportunities built into the Envelope Challenge to recognize your corporate partners, including naming rights.