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puppy & kitten

The connection between domestic violence and pet abuse is very real. Survivors and families facing domestic violence often have pets that experience abuse as well. Concern for their pet’s safety often prevents survivors from leaving their abusive environment.

The ARK helps us remove the barrier that keeps families in domestic violence situations. The ARK is a spacious, heated building with an indoor and outdoor play area, providing a safe haven for pets on the property of our residential shelter.

Knowing their beloved animal companions are safe and close by, survivors and families are able to begin the emotional healing process with the support of their pets.

Your support, no matter how big or small will provide safety for animals and a strong source of emotional support and comfort that pet relationships bring to survivors and their children.

Fred Shadko, Northville Township resident, is the sponsor of this event. Fred has long been involved with animal-related issues including the creation of the two Dog Parks in Northville & Northville Twp. He also is a fervent supporter of First Step and especially the ARK. He currently serves on the Northville Township Board of Trustees as Township Treasurer. First Step thanks him for his sponsorship of this fundraiser.

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