The Envelope Challenge is an online version of the popular paper envelope fundraiser featuring 150-500 envelopes.

Each envelope is worth the face value, for example, the 200th envelope is worth $200; the 10th envelope is worth $10.

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Sound simple? It is!

  • With 200 envelopes sold you can raise $20,100
  • With 300 envelopes: $45,150
  • With 400 envelopes: $80,200
  • And with 500 envelopes … you can raise $125,250!

The beauty of an online version – instead of just a paper version – is that your branded website portal can be promoted via marketing campaigns and shared across social media.
Your campaign can be spread out over two weeks, instead of limiting your donations to one stand-alone event or relying on ‘walk-by’ traffic.

The website and presentation are completely branded with your colors and logo, along with your sponsors – which we can help you secure. Transactions are made in person or online, and you’ll receive complete reports on the envelopes sold and donor data.

Our team works with your nonprofit to build excitement before, during and after the campaign to encourage your donors to purchase every single envelope.

For more information, email [email protected] today!

Click here for a 200 Envelope Challenge Demo!

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