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Check out our Envelope Challenge, a fun and unique way to Uncork the Fun in Support of Children’s Developmental Center and the families we serve.  Because of YOU, we continue empowering families and improving children’s lives through comprehensive early intervention services, education, and therapeutic services. 

While we are unable to meet in person at Terra Blanca Winery like we have for the past 14 years, we still need your help to help others.  The funds raised through this envelope challenge will be used to help cover uncompensated care costs so we can continue to provide the children with the essential therapies they need when all other funding sources have disappeared.  Funds will also be used to purchase specialize therapy equipment that can be loaned to families until their insurance approves the purchase. 

To keep the event alive and to show our gratitude for your support and for those businesses who support Cuisine de Vin, we have physical envelopes matching those you chose to purchase through our online Envelope Challenge.  Each physical envelope has a thank you gift card to one of the wineries, micro-breweries, caterers, restaurants, or businesses that would have participated in this year’s event. 

The gift card thank-yous are of varying denominations.  When we receive notice of your purchase, we will mail the corresponding envelope(s) to you or arrangements can be made to pick them up at the Center. Please use these cards to visit those businesses who help support Cuisine de Vin and the families served by Children’s Developmental Center.  They need our support too.  Thank you!!

Are you ready to Uncork the Fun? Click here to go to our Envelope Challenge!

Donate Now